Welcome to the wild west

For a day, the guests were able to live the extraordinary adventure of the Big American West: games, barbecue, sport activities, show, and country music. An exotic setting allowed all participants to immerse themselves into the world of genuine Indians and cowboys.

« At the station, there were three coats, in these three coats had three men and in the three men had three bullets »
Once upon a time in the West, Sergio Leone – 1968

In the Indian reservations, young natives had been learning how to weave, paint and braid. This space was specially reserved for our toddlers’ wild Western adventurers.

Between straw bales and cotton cloth, even the bravest find time for rest. The more adventurous were able to enjoy a free-fall animation full of sensation. What about a rodeo ride? Adapted to everyone, this animation put a smile on every face. After riding the beast, what‘s better than a little refreshment! Country music in the backwoods of Tennessee, a twig of grass between the teeth- let’s go cowboy.