Welcome to the wild west

For a day, the guests were able to live the extraordinary adventure of the Big American West: games, barbecue, sport activities, show, and country music. An Exotic setting allowed the participants to go into the skin of genuinely Indians and cowboys.

« At the station, there were three coats, in these three coats had three men and in the three men had three bullets »
Once upon a time in the West, Sergio Leone – 1968

In the Indians reserve, young natives had been learning how to weave, paint and braid. A reserved place specially for our toddlers’ wild Western adventurers.

Between straw bale and cotton tissues, time for resting call the wicked. A rodeo ride? Adapted to all this animation gave smile on every face. The more adventurous were able to enjoy a free-fall animation. Full of sensation for this nice day. After riding the beast, what‘s better than a little refreshment! Country music in the backwoods of Tennessee, a twig of grass between the teeth and let’s go cowboy.