During this day, the goal was to turn employees into genuine athletes! Thanks to our different sport activities, every player was able to take up challenges and to surpass themselves:

  • Multisport ring: Boxing competition, sumo and gladiators’ fights. All for the pleasure to defy eachothers.
  • Tournament: tennis table, badminton, volleyball, handball, basketball…
    As Claude Lelouche said so well: The Sports Competition is a parable that perfectly illustrates the great race of life.
  • Steady and strike back! Immersed in a breastfeeding sporting duel, Employees had learned the art of handling the sword.

A touch of humor in this competitive day: a ride in Pony cycle. A wink to the childish soul of those big strategists.
Break and giggles: Olympics disguise, workshop of the athletes’ healthy nutrition.